Burton Union (Mangrove Jack's M79) 10 g

Burton Union (Mangrove Jack's M79) 10 g

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Beskrivning av artikel

An Active Dried Brewing Yeast suitable for a
wide range of hoppy and characterful English
beer styles

Famous the world over for its crisp, dry and uniquely malty and hoppy ales, this strain has been isolated and developed especially for the home and craft brewer from a commercial brewery in the heartland of British Brewing. Burton Union Yeast is a gentle but rapid fermenter that generates light and delicate ripe pear esters and does not strip away light malt character or body. Moderate acidity balances the silky smooth texture of beers fermented with this strain. When hops or malt aromas are stronger, the yeast contribution will be neutral. When used in lighter quality malt bases, the hops and esters are able to
shine. Beers made with this yeast are quick to condition, giving you great beer in as little as 3 weeks.

Observable traits:

Aroma Characteristics:
Some pear esters, possibly strawberry or kiwi-like aromas can be expected, clean, delicate malt and hop aromas will survive fermentation. If hops and/or malt aromas are big in the beer, this strain’s fermentation aroma characteristics will fade to the background.

Flavor/Mouth Feel Characteristics:
Clean, mostly neutral, and smooth. Finishes beers moderately dry, but does not strip away body. Silky, lightly smooth texture, light to medium body, mild acidity, and mostly neutral flavor and aroma contributions from this yeast strain makes it a good all-rounder for a wide range of ales.

Higher Alcohol Beers:
A very good strain for strong ales which do not require dominant ester fruitiness or sweetness. This yeast provides brews with plenty of body, without being heavy or dense.

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