Newcastle Dark Ale (Mangrove Jack's M03) 10 g

Newcastle Dark Ale (Mangrove Jack's M03) 10 g

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Beskrivning av artikel

An Active Dried Brewing Yeast suitable for variety of full bodied British ale styles, promoting exceptional body and full flavor

Newcastle Dark Ale Yeast successfully brings classic cask ale production into the homebrew or craft setting. This is a top-fermentation strain well suited for fermenting British ales, particularly dark and full bodied ales, mild brown ales and Scottish Heavy ales. Selected to not over attenuate, this strain will stop short of the low end gravities exhibited by other yeast strains. Dark fruity esters are pronounced when fermented at the appropriate temperature. Care should be taken to adjust hop bitterness to ensures it suits the ester character and complements the fuller bodied finish.

Observable traits:

Aroma Characteristics:
When fermented at the correct temperature, Newcastle dark ale yeast exhibits extremely characterful and appetizing estery aromas reminiscent of rich dark fruit.

Flavor/Mouth Feel Characteristics:
This yeast strain has been carefully selected to aid mouth feel in the finished beer. Body should be full with a leaning towards rich dark fruit character, care must be taken when designing the beer to adjust hop bitterness to alleviate an over sweet finished beer.

Higher Alcohol Beers:
Higher alcohol beers will tend to be slightly too sweet and heavy due to the moderate attenuative capabilities of the strain although a lower mash temperature may help the fermentability and lower the final gravity.

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jästemperatur: 18-22 °C